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Utah is a big state and there is so much to see. At nearly 85,000 square miles, Utah is the 13-largest state in America by area but only the 35th largest in population. Most of Utah's population is found along the Wasatch Front, in Northern Utah. For travelers that means lots of open space, breezy and well-maintained interstate highways around the state and a vibrant metropolitan corridor with great public transportation.

If you're not traveling to Utah with a tour group or your own vehicle, we've assembled some resources like car rentals, buses, trains and regional airports to help you find your way. Our personal favorite? Utah's scenic byways. No matter you're traveling in Utah, you're likely to have the option of traveling by scenic byway, including our All-American Road, Scenic Byway 12. Sometimes there's a slightly faster way, sure. But in so many parts of this unique state, Getting Around Utah is practically as exciting as getting there.

Maps and Weather

The Utah Department of Transportation provides a free official state map. All vehicles should be equipped with this map and a Utah Travel Guide, provided by the Utah Office of Tourism. Call (800) 200-1160 to receive these items. Not near a phone? That's okay. Visit our Utah Travel Guide Order Form to secure your free travel guide and other great travel resources just as quickly as we can get them packaged up. For weather information around the state by the National Weather Service call (801) 524-5133, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. for live info, and after hours for recorded info.


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