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Road Trips

Explore Utah through the lens of a favorite American pastime: the road trip

Road tripping through Utah is remarkable for the tremendous diversity of scenic grandeur on display, as well as for the way Utah stands out culturally from its neighbors in the American West. Each journey is a photographer’s paradise, a hiker’s nirvana, a Western historian’s feast, and a geologist’s ultimate dream world, particularly along what we call the Road to Mighty

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Take a Scenic Byway

Many of our must-do road trip itineraries and roads less traveled include portions of — or entire — designated scenic byways. Utah boasts 27 designated scenic byways. There is also lots of beauty to be found on Utah's backroads, which we like to call our scenic backways.

Try it on a Bicycle

Many of these roads are also fantastic road cycling or motorcycle routes. 


In Search of Robbers Roost

by Lindy Callahan

Notoriously difficult to find, the remains of The Wild Bunch’s famous hideout, Robbers Roost, still lives up to its reputation. The search for this piece of Utah’s outlaw past makes for a unique adventure through some of Southern Utah’s most remote and beautiful terrain.

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The All-American Road Scenic Byway 12

by Visit Utah

This is 122.863 miles (to be exact) of pure driving bliss. Welcome to Utah’s Scenic Byway 12, a designated All-American Road connecting two national parks, multiple state parks and the expansive Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument in one unforgettable road trip adventure. While you can complete the whole drive on one scenic three-hour tour, even a four-day itinerary only cracks the surface.

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